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10389225_10152766834787278_7789491845605809194_nWe’re coming into a rough season for a lot of folks. Some of us are still dealing with memories of loved ones lost. Some of us are battling demons inside our bodies. And some of us are struggling to keep the lights on, the roof over our head, and some food on the table.

I am fortunate enough to have what I have, and I know that. I try very hard not to take my riches for granted, ever. What this means for me is that when the opportunity presents itself for me to make a difference, however small, in someone elses life – I jump on it. And I would encourage you to do the same.

Go through your cupboards and see if you have some extra food that you can donate to a food pantry. Make a monetary donation to a charity that supports a cause you believe in. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

There is no end to the need and there are unlimited ways you can help.

If you have two cookies and the person next to you has none, give them one of your cookies. The one you eat will taste better for it, I guarantee.

Be the good