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Sorry folks, that tiny absence was far longer than I anticipated. The last time I emerged from my hole was on Thursday when I showed off many of the things I have created in the past which were either knit or crocheted. Good times. Friday I took the day off work to try to get caught up on school bullshit. The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that rot. So here’s what actually happened…

Thursday night I absolutely had to turn in some kind of draft for the group project even though the girl hadn’t done shit. I emailed her and told her I was just doing her fucking part myself and that, interestingly enough, got her immediate attention. I had something, mostly shitty, to send off by 8:15.

Friday morning I got up and got back to work again. Unfortunately Josh seemed to think I needed company so he kept texting and interrupting me. In spite of him I did manage to make some really good progress. But then Evie got sick.

It’s not all that unusual for her to puke, but she just kept at it. I called the vet’s office and got the first available appointment. It turned out that her anal glands were full of yuck and needed to be drained and she’s got another bladder infection. She got a shot of antibiotics and is doing much better.

Friday night Josh and I went and saw a Beatles tribute band and had a really nice time. I was amazed that in the entire 2 1/2 hours I only didn’t know 2 songs. Yay me!

Are we really only up to Saturday? Damn…

Mom and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to breakfast. From there we went to a craft show that was put on by her old boss’ wife. It wasn’t terribly large and a lot of the artists had similar stuff, so that was kind of a bummer. I did get a beautiful wire wrapped necklace, a pair of funky earrings with skulls, a sugar skull journal for the kid, and a tiny canvas piece featuring her initial.

From there we went to another craft show at the church where A goes to pre-school. That one was huge and much more traditional. I picked up another wire wrapped necklace and a pot of lip balm for Josh. Mom got me some gorgeous dichroic glass earrings. After that we grabbed a quick lunch before A’s birthday party. That was pretty well a non-event for the big people, but E had asked if I would go and I can’t disappoint either of those girls.

After the party we went to the mall closest to the house in an attempt to find some clothes for the little girls. I was able to find a giant giraffe for E, some new special pants for me (with a super amazing coupon), and Mom got me a Hello Kitty t-shirt (it was a whole $5, the right size, and “says” Nebraska without having a damn thing to do with the fucking Cornhuskers).

Our last stop was at Target, which is always dangerous for me. But I actually did better there than at the first craft show. I got the rest of what I needed for the little girls’ Christmas presents, bags for their gifts, and a Nanoblock Giant Panda. I really do need a retail intervention at this point.

And no, I haven’t taken any pictures of any of that because today I’ve been getting house stuff taken care of. I didn’t clean everything last week because of the kid being here and running around with my BFF all day on Saturday, so today I did all of it. It seems like I end up doing laundry damn near every day now anyway, but today I’ve done more than that. Plus Josh decided that he wanted me to connect his tower directly to the internet instead of using a wireless dongle and that took some work. Plus Mom wanted to run to Michaels to get a patch for E’s pair of pants that have a hole in the knee. While we were apart, Josh got me a Christmas present.

2014-12-07 15.50.15

Yes, that is a Brother label maker. Yes, I am grinning like an idiot. Oh, and yes, that is the Hello Kitty shirt. And lastly, yes, I am spoiled.