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reach for the starsIf you’re just joining me for the first time, I’ve got a list of 10 Major Goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40 in 2016. That’s what I refer to as my Life Worth Living; it’s a DBT thing. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you’ve been in life, you have to figure out where you want to go and what it would take to truly make your life worth living.

Every week I do a Creative, Stress Management, Health, Financial, and School goal that tie back to my Building a Life Worth Living project. Bit by bit I’m reaching for the stars.

Update from last week:

Creative – I have a knitting project in the works that needs to get completed pronto. Oh hell, NO. I didn’t really knit much at all. I did draw some and added a few new designs to Redbubble.

Stress Management – My sleep schedule got all kinds of fucked up over the holiday and that’s already starting to cause problems. I need to get back to my regular night time routines. This is still a bit of a work in progress, but I have found a white noise app for my phone so I don’t have to use the fan anymore. The really cool thing about this is when we go somewhere again I don’t have to worry about having trouble sleeping because the phone will be with me. Yay!

Health – I’ve started having trouble with my skin again, which sucks, but I’ve got an appointment this afternoon with the dermatologist which is good. In all fairness I have not exactly been doing everything I know I need to. Time to get back on track with that. It gets better, it gets worse… I did find out from the doc that I can actually get in to see her the same day, I just have to be a little aggressive with the receptionist. And I have to say that it’s an emergency. Allegedly she has some kind of blue light thing that will help clear up the really nasty ones fast.

School – The whole group project fiasco thing hasn’t gotten any better. I need to make serious progress on it immediately. The idiots I’m working with either don’t get how big a portion of the grade this really is or don’t give a shit. I do. Y’all really need to start collecting bail money for me. I don’t feel like going into the gory details right now, but the girl hasn’t done SHIT and I’d like to give her a hug. Around the neck. With a piece of rope.

Financial – Payday was last week so before I figure out how to blow my whole paycheck I need to pay the bills. All of them. I actually did this, I totally did. And then I shopped like a woman possessed.

flower dividerThis is the final week of the official semester. Finals run next week, though that just means I have to have all of my assignments turned in by Monday, we don’t have tests in this class. That means this week is going to be ridiculous.

Goals for this week:

Creative – I need to do a little something to keep myself from flipping shit entirely. Don’t care what.

Stress Management – Keep working on the sleep thing.

Health – Back to basics time: shower every day, brush teeth at least once, floss at least once, meds when I’m supposed to, regular meals, skin stuff.

School – Our group presentation is due on Thursday, must get that done. The final report is also due, as are several other pieces. And I need to get to work on my grad paper.

Financial – Don’t spend any money!!!