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top 10 tuesdayWelcome to this week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday, the post where Mama writes ahead because who the fuck knows if I’ll even have enough time to wipe my ass. Today you’re getting my Top 10 Things I Miss About Being a Kid.

  1. Summer vacations with my family. We took road trips and had the best time.
  2. Saturday morning cartoons that were actually worth watching. None of that shit that put on these days is worth a damn. Bring back Garfield and Animaniacs, you stupid bastards!
  3. Slumber parties.
  4. Snow days.
  5. Baking Christmas cookies with Mom.
  6. Learning new things from any of the amazing grown ups I hung out with.
  7. Having more than adequate time to read.
  8. Skin that wasn’t so fucking rotten.
  9. Being blissfully ignorant of just how often bad things happen to good people.
  10. Being able to have all of the people I loved most in one room.