Merbear and Sheena have done this and I liked theirs so well that I’ve decided to do my own. I want y’all to know something – this was HARD for me. I’ve been trying so hard to pare down and not buy stuff that I don’t absolutely need that even thinking about gift ideas was difficult. But it’s a fun idea, so here you have Mama’s Christmas Wish List.

1. A completed graduate synthesis paper. I’d need this one by Wednesday, so I’m guessing it won’t happen, but this is well and truly at the top of my list this year.

2. New ink. It’s been several years since I got a new tattoo and I’d like to add a little something to my collection. This time I think I’d go with one of my original snowflake drawings.

snowflake100013. More Nanoblock kits. I have the butterfly and the giant panda waiting to be done, but a few more would be cool.

oa068Perhaps not this one though.

4. A cool Zippo lighter, like this one.

1_1025844_FS5. More tape for my new label maker and the power cord for it.

6. A new pair of slippers, preferably exactly like the ones the kid got me last year.

IMG_2804I’ve worn these so much that the side seam has given way on the one foot. This makes me very sad.

7. Warren Zevon’s complete catalog. His music is just amazing.

8. I would like to have the Honda paid off completely. The extra money I would have in the monthly budget would come in Very Handy.

9. A gift card for Yankee Candle so I can stock up on a few things.

10. A more comfortable desk chair. I really can’t bitch about this chair at all. Through an error on the store clerk’s part I got it for free, and it’s really not bad. Something with a little more cushion in the seat would be nice though.

Many of these are pretty damn practical while the rest are ridiculous. I guess that’s what you get from the Mental Mama – one extreme or the other.