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I think I mentioned previously that I’m going to be trying to pare down a little more and get my financial stuffage even more in order. Some folks had indicated that perhaps they’d be interested in doing that with me. Seeing as I am doing everything possible right now to avoid starting the grad paper that’s due on Wednesday, I thought I’d share the start of the plan.

What I’m envisioning is a different theme for each month of the year. I’ll give suggestions, which are things I generally plan to do, and anyone who wants can feel free to join in the fun. I’ve also got a list of specific financial bits that I’m going to try. This is what I’m thinking of for January:

Digital clean up

  • Email
    • Unsubscribe to newsletters and promotional emails you’re no longer reading or interested in
    • Change your preferences – some services send you messages you don’t want, but some that you do; there’s usually a way to specify which you want
    • Go through your inbox and delete messages you no longer need
    • Go through your folders and delete messages you no longer need; you might be able to delete entire folders
  • Facebook / other social media sites
    • Remove friends that aren’t really friends
    • Unfollow or unlike organizations/pages that you aren’t interested in anymore
  • Blog
    • Unfollow blogs you don’t read anymore
    • Check your email settings – do you need to receive a message every time someone likes a post?
  • Cloud storage / computer hard drive
    • Clean out and organize files; you likely have files you no longer need or that aren’t easy to find
  • Smartphone
    • Uninstall apps you no longer use
    • Backup pictures to the cloud or your computer so they can be removed from the phone (Dropbox has a really easy way to do this for all new photos)

The other bits I plan to do are:

  1. Fix things whenever possible instead of replacing – not everything has to be perfect – ugly but functional is just fine
  2. Purging is not done to make room for new/different crap
  3. If something new comes in, something old must leave
  4. I will get a $25 monthly allowance that can be used for anything not deemed essential and/or otherwise already in the budget – can be saved to go towards a larger future purchase
  5. I will look into ways to increase my Redbubble sales
  6. I will look for other easy ways to bring in additional income
  7. I will not buy any new clothes (except underwear as necessary)
  8. I will not buy any new shoes (except one pair of inexpensive flip flops – less than $15)

I figure I’ll post the month’s theme on the 1st and then post updates on how I’m doing as it seems appropriate. If you want to join the party, feel free. If anyone things we should have a page that lists everyone who’s needing a little accountability assistance, I’m happy to set that up.