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2014-10-10 19.17.56Yesterday afternoon I was trying to find the exact requirements for this grad paper nonsense. I checked everywhere in the online shell for the class. Nada. So I sent her an email asking about it. Evidently she had it in the staging area but had neglected to copy it to the live class.

It wasn’t mentioned specifically in the syllabus and there was only a single reference to it on the course schedule, but no details.

I talked to the one other woman in that class that I’m willing to talk to and we agreed that this really isn’t acceptable. Faculty are supposed to have all of that bullshit outlined, in detail, at the start of the semester. And this prof gives you a max of 5 points for everything.

5 motherfucking points

I’ve emailed her to verify that this is the case because if it is, she’s going to get precisely 5 points worth of effort out of me for this. I’m exhausted, I’ve been sick the last few days and dragging my sorry ass in to work anyway, and it’s finally getting cold here. I really want no part of this.

But I will be getting my revenge, oh yes, yes I will. The purpose of the paper is to read 5 articles that she selected (the most recent is 9 years old, what a crock) and find a theme that we write about. I’ve read the articles now and I’ve identified my theme.


10387579_281817861990362_4605080045246788674_nSuck it, bitch.