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Does anyone else remember those public service ads when we were kids, the ones that used a fried egg to show what your brain supposedly functioned like if you took drugs? They were dumb as fuck. I mean, honestly, everyone knew that the only thing a fried egg had in common with your brain on pot was that food is good when you’re stoned. But I digress. My brain actually does feel like a fried egg right now but that’s because of grad school. Grad school is infinitely worse than any drug thus far invented.

But the Class from Hell is officially over. I was informed that the final paper wasn’t actually worth ANY points, I was told that I would do it and do it well because that’s what they expect of grad students.

I’ll wait a moment while you let that sink in….

Anyway, I finished this afternoon and then spent a delightful hour on the phone with my good friend Wendy. Possibly 10 minutes of our time dealt with making the paper better, the rest of the time was just shooting the shit. It was awesome. I’ve known Wendy for better than 2 years now and never had a phone conversation with her because until just recently she and her family lived overseas. So this was really quite the Christmas treat for me.

Oh, and I’m fairly sure I forgot to tell y’all that I got a call from the car insurance company the other day. The insurance company for the asshat who hit Josh finally, FINALLY, accepted responsibility so I should be getting a nice check in the mail to reimburse me for the deductible. That, I think, qualifies as a fucking Christmas miracle.

So I’m a little behind on reading/commenting and I have many much more interesting posts I’d like to write for y’all, but I have a seriously wicked headache right now which is likely just from relief. At any rate, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for more organizing and simplifying ideas to share. I should be back in the swing of things tomorrow. (I hope)