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I had every intention of blogging much earlier today, I really did. But then work this morning was just a little too fun (since there was hardly anyone around), and once I got on a roll I wanted to finish what I was working on, and then Josh got off work quite a bit early and Miss K very purposefully turned her head while I snuck out behind her to go do some Christmas shopping.

I am very pleased to report that there are only a few small, and hopefully quick, errands to be run tomorrow. Part will be groceries, part meds, part craft supplies for a few projects I’ve lined up, and a few last gifts to get. I’m hoping it won’t be as ridiculous as it was today, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

The good thing, really, about both of us getting off early today and needing to run errands was that we didn’t do them together and that meant we had time to shop for each other. Neither of us is any good at all at wrapping things for the other, never have been, mostly because neither can wait for the other to get their gift. The light in here is utter shit right now so I won’t bother trying to capture the loveliness of the two blouses and the jewelry Josh got for me. (the man is a whiz at finding the good stuff on clearance racks) I also can’t get a decent shot of the guitar strap I picked up for him. (he also got strap locks and a variety of picks)

This evening, Mom’s last at home until next Saturday, was spent with the “kids” working on a Christmas puzzle while I made dinner and did more laundry.

2014-12-19 17.36.02Evie got in on the act as well.

I also spent some time going through my boards on Pinterest, partially to find ideas for over break, partially to weed out the crap, and partially to find even more ideas to share with you for our monthly simplifying ideas. I have a small confession to make, well, maybe two.

One, I’ve been doing something of the simplifying things myself already. This is partially because I know I’ll have a little more time the next few weeks and partially because I want to test run a few things. I will tell you that I have every intention of putting out the whole year’s worth of ideas at once so that other folks who have odd schedules can do the same.

Two, I’m going to be seriously curbing my spending next year, but the key phrase there is next year. So today I went and bought myself six new shirts and a sweater, all pieces that are suitable for wearing to work and are a brand that I know will hold up well. And, in my defense, I got those 7 pieces plus a really pretty snowflake necklace plus a really pretty crystal dragonfly hair clip for E for ~$100. I don’t think that’s too damn bad. I purchased those pieces because I looked over my work wardrobe with a super critical eye and identified a gap that, if filled, would do an awful lot to stretch what I have right now and make it that much easier to not buy any new clothes next year.

Anyway, Josh is entertaining me with music I’ve not heard before and I’m loving it. I mean really, where has this guy been that I’ve never heard him?