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Life has been odd, obviously, but I think I’m doing well. I can’t remember now if told you lovely folks but I’ve been getting in touch with my creative side again. And I love it.

So I showed you the menu board thing I made (LOVE IT!) but I haven’t shown you the jewelry I made.

2014-12-20 20.51.50This is a very simple pair of earrings made with crystal briolettes. I think they turned out great.

2014-12-20 20.26.08The really odd looking bit at the top is a wire necklace pendant. I’ve changed it since I took that pic. I decided to two smaller beads didn’t belong on there and took them off to make a very simple pair of earrings. The larger bits at the bottom are wire/bead earrings. I haven’t worn the earrings yet, but the necklace/earring combo I wore on Monday with a purple cardigan and it looked fab.

2014-12-21 17.58.50That was Sunday night’s dinner, Skillet Lasagna. It was a new recipe from a magazine I got on Saturday and it wasn’t too bad. Only 5 ingredients and it took about 30 minutes and was actually worth eating. Yay.

2014-12-23 21.52.28Last night I was going through my Pinterest boards trying to decide which projects I want to try to make over my holiday break and came across a pin for origami butterflies. I have a stash of origami paper so I thought, why not? I think they turned out pretty nifty. I plan to use them for a little mobile for in my office.

I have a pretty extensive to-do list for today. I need to do some housework, make the snacks to take to Josh’s dad’s house tonight, we’ll need to stop at my sister’s house and set out the girls’ Santa presents and take pictures to text them tomorrow morning (they’re very concerned that Santa won’t bring anything since they aren’t actually there), and finish backing up my laptop. I tried running an official backup and it bombed after several solid days of doing nothing else so I’m doing this shit my way now.

As an update on the whole “my sister is an idiot who gave away her children’s dog” saga…

They believe Dora has already been adopted by another family. The girls have been told that she died at the kennel. (utterly cruel if you ask me) When they get back my sister has promised the kids that she’ll buy them a Pug. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.