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I started my list of Life Worth Living goals earlier this year when I realized that I wasn’t really living, I was merely surviving, and I was ready to move beyond that. I wanted to start gently pushing myself to do a little more. And I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made.

These were the original 10 goals along with updates on how I’ve done so far:

  1. Be able to put $150 into savings every month and leave it there. I haven’t gotten this done yet, but I am still working on changing my spending habits. There will be a much bigger emphasis on this in the coming year. In this vein I have decided that..

    • I will fix things whenever possible instead of replacing – not everything has to be perfect – ugly but functional is just fine
    • I will get a $25 monthly allowance that can be used for anything not deemed essential and/or otherwise already in the budget – can be saved to go towards a larger future purchase, but I can’t borrow from a future month
    • I will look into ways to increase my Redbubble sales and I will finish setting up my Cafe Press store
    • I will look for other easy ways to bring in additional income
    • I will not buy any new clothes (except underwear as necessary)
    • I will not buy any new shoes (except one pair of inexpensive flip flops – less than $15)
  2. Get A’s in all of the courses for my degree. Four classes down, four A’s earned. I’m not entirely sure at this point if I’m going to do the full blown Master’s degree but I will keep going and get the second certificate.
  3. Knit OR crochet something that gets completed every month. The intention behind this was to get back to doing creative things on a more regular basis and that has definitely happened.
  4. Work to improve my drawing skills. I haven’t been sketching nearly as much lately, which is sad. I need to get back to this.
  5. Make exercise a regular part of my routine. Not yet, but I’m hoping I’ll be getting back to this soon.
  6. Work to improve my marketable skills. I have been, but not in the ways I originally thought I would. I’ll be continuing to work on this one.
  7. Make a daily full oral hygiene routine and stick to it. Some days are better than others. I really just need to keep working on the “routine” part of this goal.
  8. Read for pleasure on a regular basis. I have read more since making a conscious decision about it, so I feel good about that.
  9. Work on a good way to address my skin conditions. I found and started seeing a really nice dermatologist and things are improving.
  10. Plan a long term creative project that incorporates a new skill or a skill I haven’t perfected yet. Start the project and finish it before my 40th birthday. I’ve brainstormed some ideas, but haven’t yet committed to anything. There’s still time.

Did you set any goals for last year? How did you do? Are you ready to grab 2015 by the tail and give it hell?