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There is ICK going around and it would seem that all three of us might have it. I’m just not sure what else would explain why my eyeballs are itching like this given that I took my contacts out yesterday. And there is snot, lots and LOTS of snot. But it takes more than a little snot and itchiness to slow this Mama down.

Yesterday I was able to finish a washcloth, make a very small hat for a small stuffed dog, several bits of origami with the older niece, clean out one of the drawers down here that had been a catchall for stuff, straightened up the crap under the basement bathroom sink, rearranged the crap on the big shelf in the bathroom, run two loads of laundry, tidy the basement, start teaching E how to crochet, and make this…

2014-12-29 21.29.23It needs something yet, I’m just not sure what. In case you’re wondering, that was done with Sharpies on a small artists canvas, 5×7 I think. Super fun.

2014-12-29 13.55.29So determined to learn, so damn cute.

Today is supposed to be colder than a well digger’s ass in the middle of a blizzard. We’re talking about taking the kids to a movie, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to feel up to that or not. I’m coughing and sneezing quite a bit yet. Josh actually took today off work because he felt so shitty yesterday. Not good.

I need to get everything ready for the simplifying stuff to start on January 1st. In case you hadn’t noticed I created a new page with the whole wonkin-big plan. There are some other things I want to get posted out in the open and I think I’ll work on that this morning.

Mom and Josh and I will be having a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. Mom got a prime rib that we’ll cook along with some baked potatoes and some sort of veg. I need to come up with an interesting dessert I think, and I’ve been informed that there will be whine wine. We might find a movie to watch or she might try to get Josh to help with the new 1000 piece puzzle we got her for Christmas. Rather sounds like heaven to me.

Do y’all have any big plans for tomorrow night? Any goals for the coming year? Dessert suggestions?