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2014 has been an interesting year for me. It kind of feels like the year I finally took my life back, and that feels really good. These are some of the highlights / things I’ve learned and/or rediscovered:

  1. I earned As in the two classes I took, and I fought like hell for both of them
  2. I rediscovered my need to be creative
  3. I learned that surrounding myself with things won’t make me happy but surrounding myself with people who love me will
  4. I learned that waiting isn’t always a bad thing
  5. I am perfectly capable of greatness, I just have to want to be great
  6. I heard many times from many different people (who stood nothing to gain from it) that I really am good at what I do for a living
  7. Goals are a really good thing
  8. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but being short on cash can totally bring out your inner Macgyver
  9. I have some truly amazing friends
  10. When I stomp on my doubt I am capable of anything, even things I’ve always told myself I couldn’t do

And these are a few of my favorite photos:

Miss E learning how to make a duct tape rose pen with a little help from Miss A while Josh draws a picture for Little Miss A in the background

Miss E learning how to make a duct tape rose pen with a little help from Miss A while Josh draws a picture for Little Miss A in the background

Josh and I relaxing with blue margaritas

Josh and I relaxing with blue margaritas

who wouldn't want to be her? she's adorable! and, just for the record, I really do own more shirts than just this one

cutest Mommy ever and me in the most awesome squirrel shirt ever


the day I gave my first Very Professional Presentation to Entirely Too Many Fucking People, and lived to tell about it


me and my BFF on the 4th of July

2014-10-13 21.05.34

sweetest kitty ever


Mom and I in Minneapolis

2014-12-24 19.48.54

Josh with his Basket Case Christmas present


of course they’re a little strange, they’re related to me!


Aunt Erin and E after the kidlets’ baton recital

I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year, which is always good. I also feel good that when I do look back and think about what I’ve done during the last 12 months, I don’t regret anything. I did my best to be good to the people around me as well as to people who will never meet me but whom I still tried to do right by. I gave what I could to those I felt could use it more than me whenever possible, and in giving, I received so much more.

Irish_Saying_QuoteMy wish for us all is that 2015 has more laughter than tears, more sunshine than storms, more feasts than famines, and more fond memories than regrets. May you and yours be blessed on the road ahead, now and always.