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reach for the starsIf you’re just joining me for the first time, I’ve got a list of 10 Major Goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40 in 2016. That’s what I refer to as my Life Worth Living; it’s a DBT thing. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you’ve been in life, you have to figure out where you want to go and what it would take to truly make your life worth living.

Every week I do a Creative, Stress Management, Health, Financial, and School goal that tie back to my Building a Life Worth Living project. Bit by bit I’m reaching for the stars.

Update from last week:

I made my goals before I realized that I’d be half dead for better than half the week. In spite of that, I feel like I did pretty fucking good.

Creative – I have a list of projects I’d like to get done this week. They are:

  • Flat Fold Ring Couldn’t get to it
  • Beaded dragonfly necklace and earrings
  • Nanoblock Giant Panda Never felt steady enough when I had time
  • Iron on t-shirt transfers
  • Sharpie Canvas Project
once I decided on the beads for the dragonfly I realized that I have perfect earrings already, the wire wrapped agate was a bonus

once I decided on the beads for the dragonfly I realized that I have perfect earrings already, the wire wrapped agate was a bonus

2014-12-30 16.38.03

Stress Management – I’ve been working like a madwoman to get as many of my decluttering/organizing projects done as possible since I don’t have time like this very often, and it’s almost always easier to do when Josh isn’t here. I’ve been keeping a list this last week of what I wanted to do and there’s isn’t too much left. Oddly enough, getting our living space cleared out a little really does help my stress levels. What’s left:

  • Try to figure out how to finish setting up Cafe Press Bumped to next week
  • Clean out under the basement sink
  • Do something about the big shelf in the basement bathroom
  • Get some small plastic bins for other misc storage issues (on sale 50% off at Michael’s until Jan 3!) When I got everything else cleaned out and organized I realized that I didn’t need the bins after all, so super double bonus!

Health – I have almost entirely neglected my skin lately and it’s starting to get pissed. I need to get back to my better habits with that. Feeling like boiled death meant very few showers and super pissed skin. Gotta get back to this!!!

Financial – January 1st officially starts my “purse closing” so I need to very clearly lay out what that means for me. (and stock up now on anything I think I’ll need but won’t be able to get!) There was no stocking up because the only time I left the house after Monday (I think) was to go to the doctor’s office Saturday morning. But I honestly don’t think there’s anything I need. That’s the real beauty of going through and organizing / decluttering your stuff, you find all kinds of things you’d completely forgotten about.

School – Order my books once I get paid. Ordered! I’ll pick them up from the bookstore on campus on Wednesday (I think).

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I’ve just started back to work today after being off nearly two weeks. I’ve got 3 classes scheduled to teach this week and the semester officially starts next week, Tuesday for me. And the weather is supposed to just keep getting colder. With all of that in mind I’m going to take it kind of easy this week, but at the same time I need to add in a Simplifying goal so I can stay on top of my plans to declutter and organize even better in 2015.

Goals for this week:

Creative – I’d like to get at least one project finished and maybe some other things worked on. In my cleaning last week I found some things that have been lingering for quite awhile that could use some love. The project to start/finish could be as easy as just a pair of earrings or a necklace pendant, jewelry is always awesome for being fast.

Waiting in the wings in various stages of done I’ve got:

  • Filet crochet rectangle rose “doily” – it’s white and I generally don’t like white doilies, so honestly, wtf was I thinking?
  • Massive blackwork sampler
  • Dragon cross-stitch, smallish
  • Yet another fucking washcloth that just needs to be seamed
  • Slippers for Josh that just need leather soles sewn on
  • A pair of convertible gloves/mittens for Josh that match a hat I made for him a few years ago, just needs the second one finished
  • A gift for Wendy

Stress Management – All I really want to do this week is maintain my sanity. Pills every day and on time. Turn the sunlamp on every morning. Walk a little on the treadmill. Go to bed on time. Relax.

Health – Shower every day and brush my teeth at least once. I’m fairly sure I have a dental appointment coming up soon and I’d rather not get the “you really should floss more often” lecture.

Financial – If it’s not groceries or meds, I won’t be buying it. I am going to keep trying to get my Cafe Press spot setup this week.

School – My class starts next Tuesday and, for the first time for me, it will be during the day. If I remember right it runs from 2:30pm – 5:10pm. The nice thing is that I’ll get home at a reasonable time. The bad thing is that I need to adjust my schedule the other days of the week to make up for the 90 minutes I’ll be missing. I’m not too concerned about that, I just need to figure out how I’m doing it.

Simplifying – I’m going to work on paring down what I’ve got stashed on Pinterest this week and on what all I’m seeing in my Facebook feed. Check out the full plan for what I’ll be trying to accomplish this year!