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I’m supposed to teach two classes tomorrow and there’s another scheduled on Thursday (that one likely won’t happen, but that’s another story). When I left work yesterday – EARLY – it was because I started coughing while talking to a faculty member and damn near couldn’t stop. Yeah, talking, what a bitch given that teaching involves a lot of that shit.

So I stayed home today and worked from here hoping that by giving my voice/throat an almost complete rest would help. And it did, a little, but then this afternoon I took a nap. Me, the bipolar queen who has so much trouble sleeping it takes 13 pills every night to have a chance at going under actually fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon just because I got warm.

In my defense, getting warm required getting into bed because I think the high temp today was a single digit number. It’s cold, super fucking cold, and it’s only supposed to get worse. But I digress.

I’ve been being a good kid and taking care of myself. I did actually work from home today and didn’t just say I was doing work while actually blogging and fucking about on the interwebs. And I was able to talk to Miss K and make a plan for tomorrow. This is where my brilliance comes in to play.

Everything for all three classes is ready to go. I’ll be there tomorrow to try to get things started, including having multiple beverages on hand. If I start coughing and can’t recover, K can step in and take over while I hang in the back of the room to assist her. She rearranged her schedule tomorrow to allow for this.

And then she told me that if I’m still not really feeling up to being there at all to just let her know in the morning and she’ll cover it all for me.

So I guess what I’m really saying is that reason #11 why my job is so amazing is the wonderful Miss K.