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Ugh, why in the name of all that is holy do I have to go to work when it’s this cold outside and I feel like shit?

I did manage to go back to work yesterday and teach both classes. It actually went better than I thought it would. I had 10 people show up for each session which is pretty fucking amazing for this time of year. And the high temp yesterday was 3 above zero, but that was just the air temp – the wind chill was something like 23 below. BRRRR!

Anyway, the classes went well, but I was totally exhausted by the time I was done. And of course that meant I couldn’t go straight home last night, it was time to visit the magician beautician. My “silver pinstripes” are now gone, replaced with the shocking blonde highlights I prefer. I love visiting her but I didn’t end up home until nearly 2 hours past when I normally would.

Tonight should be good though. Josh is at school, Mom and I are going to have “our” kind of food (salads tonight I think), laundry will get done, and I might park my ass on the sofa with some knitting. I need to strike up a nice balance of productivity and relaxation, particularly since the kid will be here this weekend.