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Anyone who’s been hanging around here for long will no doubt have realized that I’m on a mission to declutter and simplify my life. I’ve trimmed my wardrobe down several times in the last 6 months or so, mostly because I had been notorious for buying clothes “just because.” I feel good about the progress I’ve made though if I’m entirely honest I would say there’s still more work to be done.

I am also a fairly avid knitter and crocheter. I went through a phase, last year maybe, when I knit FOUR sweaters within a short span of time. I’ve also knit and crocheted several shrugs over the years and two shawls. And I rarely wear any of them, but because I made them they had escaped the great purge.

So the goal that I set for myself this week, without really realizing I’d even done it, was to wear one of those items to work every day. And so far I’ve done it with ease. On Monday I wore an emerald green mohair knit shrug with beads. On Tuesday I wore a lime green/deep purple striped knit sweater. Today I wore a crocheted shrug made in sock yarn that shifts through several shades of green. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing my Recovery Sweater which is knit from a very posh boucle yarn in shades of purples, mossy green, and browns with a metallic thread woven through. I’m thinking on Friday I might wear my cropped knit wool sweater that has pink, purple, and green in it.

I guess my point with all this is to say that I’ve finally realized that there’s no sense in making garments for myself if I’m never going to wear them. I know what my style is like so I know what kinds of wearables I really would wear and I definitely know by now what colors look good with my skin and (current) hair color. And all of the things I have are things I really do love, so they deserve to come out of the cedar chest and see the light of day.

The best part is that I feel good wearing them because I know how much love and hard work went into making them and I know that it shows.

In the world of DBT this is part of what I do to Build Mastery. Knitting and crocheting are things that I’m good at and doing them makes me feel good. When I finish a project and can wear it to work I feel even better.

What are things that you do to make yourself feel good?