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It always amazes me that some stuff I post on here generates cricket noises and some explodes in a glorious way. Yesterday’s post about wearing the pretties I’ve made exploded to such an extent that I felt compelled (read:  guilted into by a certain nameless someone) to create a whole separate page to showcase the Stuff I’ve Made. I was shocked and amazed to realize that since starting this blog I’ve put up more than 72 pictures of various projects. (72 was the final number that made the cut) So even though I’ve got my laptop today and access to all of my photos I didn’t have to upload anything additional. Whew.

But that really wasn’t what I had intended to blog about today. Here goes…

mental health bannerMy mental health is actually pretty stable right now, and it has been for a good while. The last time I was hospitalized was in February of 2010, and that was the worst damage I’d done to myself. As in it was so bad that shrinky-poo wasn’t sure if I’d done myself permanent brain damage or not.

But since then I have completed my Master’s degree, completed a full year of DBT, gotten married again, made huge strides at work, started more grad school, handled the death of my father fairly well, and really come into my own as a grown woman. (given that I’m 38 3/4 it’s about fucking time!)

So I’m quite proud of myself for being more than just a diagnosis. But I work at that, every day. Bipolar and Borderline are diseases, just like diabetes is a disease, and they require management, just like any other disease. I have to be mindful of what I’m eating, if I’m drinking or putting other chemicals in my body that could be problematic, how much sleep I’m getting, whether I’m leaving myself enough time for recreational activities, etc.

Having a mental health diagnosis means having a full time job, usually on top of our regular jobs. But for me it’s rewarding to know that I’m keeping all of my proverbial balls in the air like my “normal” friends do even though a lot of the time it’s harder for me to do so.

Here’s to you, my mental brothers and sisters, and all the hard work you do. May we ever find a little peace of mind and a cozy place to relax.