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10345838_10152266938063716_3632053316661914603_nMom decided to have our kitchen and dining room/sun room painted, which was a really great idea in my mind. We picked two complimentary shades of a bluish green, one darker and one lighter. But both rooms were torn apart for over a week while we took things off the walls, the one guy patched holes in the walls and sanded them, and then the other guys actually painted. Yesterday we were finally able to put it all back together. But we hadn’t really been able to do much cleaning while that stuff was going on so yesterday we had a launch a Full Attack. I am pleased to report that this joint is back up to our very exacting standards and looks phenomenal. If it wasn’t still o-dark-thirty I’d take some pics to show you.

We also ran errands yesterday which included getting ever so slightly lost trying to find “our” post office because the woman who was married to my grandfather, V, had shipped the old man’s ashes up to my mom so that he can finally be buried next to my grandmother. Well, some of him anyway. Evidently she had his ashes split so that some are here (in the back of my jeep right now) and some of them will be buried with her. I find this a little odd myself, but I guess it’s better than the previous arrangement which was her keeping his urn on the floor next to her side of the bed.

The more interesting errand was running to the grocery store and mostly that was only more interesting because I got Mom to go into the attached liquor store area. She and Josh had a bottle of margaritas at home that they like but I find too tart, and I knew with the day we’d be having that beverages would be consumed so I wanted something that I could enjoy. What I found was Jose Cuervo Light White Peach Margaritas.

10375Definitely a chick drink, but quite tasty. I had two normal-ish sized drinks, though larger than the 4 oz they say is a serving size. Honest to jezuz, who the fuck drinks a 4 oz margarita? The Mexican restaurant we really like to go to serves them in fish bowls with stems for fuck sake. Anyway, quite tasty and a nice way to relax at the end of a hard day.

So, homework. Y’all probably recall that I’m in the last class for the first of the grad certificates I’ve decided to work on. That meant I could take my elective course, and there weren’t a whole hell of a lot to pick from. But, one of them is a class that focuses on training techniques, which is totally perfect for me. And it meets mostly during the day, Tuesdays from 2:30 – 5:10, so I’m home in time to have dinner with Mom and Josh and still get to bed at a decent time.

The books are interesting (though a little expensive), my classmates seem like really interesting people, and the prof is enthusiastic about the subject and really seems to know her stuff. I’ve worked with her before in a professional capacity so I kind of figured she’d be really good and it looks like I was right. And the projects we’re doing are so practical and applicable to what I do at work, I just love that.

I was able to talk to my boss for a bit last week about whether or not to pursue the full Master’s degree and she agrees with me that it’s almost certainly not worth it. The university won’t give me any more pay just because of it, there isn’t really a way to promote me for it, and the stress from having to deal with comps and the woman who runs all of the stuff I’ve been involved in just isn’t worth it for me. So I’ll get the two certificates I had planned on and then call it good for that. I’m sure I’ll find something else interesting to get into when I’m done.

The other project I need to get my ass in gear for is a presentation for the system-wide symposium thing in May. Some of you may remember having a world class freak out about doing a presentation there last year and then having it turn out pretty damn decent. With that positive experience under my belt I’ve decided to submit a proposal to present again this year on a topic that will blend something from school with something we do at work and turn into something super useful for both realms. I need to get started on the research to make sure that it really is as feasible as I think, but when I bounced the idea off Miss K she thought it was a good thing to pursue as well. So yay.

Picture1I have a three day weekend because of MLK Day on Monday, which is rather nice. It sucks ass that our next official holiday isn’t until Memorial Day, but I’ll be taking some bits of time off before then. I’ve already been approved to have Feb 13 off since the kids are out of school and my brother in law is taking them on a weekend trip, which means Mom and I will have an entire day for big girl stuff. I’m also contemplating taking some time off in March which is when our spring break will be. I have an embarrassing amount of vacation time available because I never go anywhere so I figure I might as well use it.

Anyway, Monday the girls will also be off school so I’m going to go to the dentist and then head to my sister’s house so that we can all go to lunch together and do some craft projects before they have to go to their dance class. It should be a lot of fun.

Anyone else off work tomorrow? Any big plans?