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reach for the starsIf you’re just joining me for the first time, I’ve got a list of 10 Major Goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40 in 2016. That’s what I refer to as my Life Worth Living; it’s a DBT thing. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you’ve been in life, you have to figure out where you want to go and what it would take to truly make your life worth living.

Every week I do a Creative, Stress Management, Health, Financial, and School goal that tie back to my Building a Life Worth Living project. I’ve also added a Simplifying goal that ties into my plan to declutter my life this year. Bit by bit I’m reaching for the stars.

Update from last week:

You would think by now that I’d know better than to try to set ANY goals at all during the first week of a semester, but no. I had lots of stuff going on at work, I had my own class to attend and homework to do, plus I still wasn’t feeling all that well. The week was not what I wanted, but I was able to make little bits of progress and that’s better than nothing.

Creative – I really need to focus on drawing more this week. I started a sketch last week that’s coming along pretty well, but I feel like it should be done already. I haven’t been doing anything so large or elaborate that it took more than a single sitting. This is turning out quite grand, but it needs to be finished. FINISHED!!! Not only for my own need to finish things but because I think the design is going to be great for my Redbubble shop and hopefully Cafe Press as well. I finally got the drawing done yesterday afternoon. I realized that if I didn’t get on it first thing in the morning it wasn’t going to happen. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

2015-01-18 16.01.51Stress Management – Sleep really needs to go back to being my #1 priority this week. Shit has been so fucked up from being sick that it’s just not funny. Getting there, slowly. Weekends are always worse than weeknights but the weeknights were pretty decent this time.

Health – Treadmill time! I’ve decided that the showering/brushing teeth stuff is really pretty regular these days so I need to move on to something else. I’m aiming for 15 minutes on 3 separate occasions this week. Ugh, no, not at all. However, Wendy and I have decided to be Exercise Buddies and try to motivate each other to actually do the shit we’re saying we need to. Maybe that will help.

Financial – Make a more concerted effort to add designs to my Redbubble store and finish getting that damn Cafe Press store setup. There isn’t (too) much money going out right now that isn’t essential so I need to work on bringing in more money to pay off my debts. I did spend some time trying to figure out the Cafe Press thing, and I found that I’ve made a sale through them already which is nice. And it wasn’t a goal this week but I was much more careful with the money AND I’ve got my taxes filed already and a plan for my returns that met with Mom’s approval.

School – Once I can get access to my course schedule for the semester I need to start figuring out when I should be concentrating my time. There’s also a conference I’d like to go to in Kansas City in February and it’s, you guessed it, on a Tuesday. So once I know what the course schedule is like I can decide if it would be more or less likely that the prof wouldn’t object to me missing a session. Definitely not going to KC, that’s the day we’re scheduled to talk about e-learning and there’s no way I’m missing that session. Plus it sounds like only Miss K will be going now, and while it would be super fun to hang with her for the day, now that I’ve had more time to look at the line up for the conference I just don’t think it’s worth my time. She’s going partially because she’ll be in that area for another conference over the weekend prior.

Simplifying – I had done quite a few of the Digital Clean Up things for January while I was making my master plan, mostly because I had time then. Right now I think the most critical things for me are continuing to go through Pinterest and getting rid of stuff I’ll never do anything with. I also keep most of the images I use for my blog on Dropbox and I am a HUGE hoarder when it comes to that, so I should set aside some time to thin things out a bit. Nope, didn’t make time for it. I did get unsubscribed from all of the email newsletters I’d signed myself up for here recently, but that was it.

flower dividerI only work four days this week because of the holiday today, but I’m going to the dentist this morning and then spending the day with my nieces so I really don’t have an extra day. I am hoping to get motivated again and really get shit done in a timely fashion.

Goals for this week:

Creative – Keep working on the shrug. It would be great to get it halfway done.

Stress Management – I need to get back into my routines, all of them. Pills, sleeping, hygiene, downtime, chores, homework time – ALL of them. Those routines are what save me from the chaos.

Health – Treadmill, 3x, at least 15 minutes each time.

Financial – I have a ridiculous amount of debt from the student loans I took out to pay for my Master’s degree, but they’re nice enough to let me adjust the amount of my monthly payments based on my income. Every year I have to provide them with my tax information so they can calculate the amount of the monthly payments for the coming year and since I’ve filed my taxes it’s time to take care of that.

School – Scheduled readings, homework, and see if I can work ahead a little with the reading.

Simplifying – I’m going to try to hit Pinterest and Dropbox this week, like I had wanted to last week. Maybe I’ll have more luck.