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Perhaps it’s that I still don’t feel 100% physically. Perhaps it’s that our semester is still new and I’m trying desperately to get back to routines. Perhaps it’s the unseasonably warm weather making me paranoid about when it’s going to snow and how many feet we’ll get. Whatever the reason, I’ve been finding myself thinking this an awful lot like this lately…

10703553_894140457285846_6335808789884338199_nI actually had a very vivid and incredibly satisfying dream last night in which I told my sister precisely where she could go, how to get there, and when she was allowed to return. (straight to hell, in an iron maiden, and never)

But I digress.

Work has been kind of suck lately. There is a person that I interact with sort of regularly who reminds me of a small dog on cocaine. There needs to be some chilling the fuck out, pronto.

10306623_798192053581628_2325394430755015375_nThe class I’m taking is interesting but the prof seems to have a thing for reading to us. From materials we have on our desks. Last time I checked I’m almost 39 years old and I already have a grad degree, so I feel fairly certain that I know how to read. Really well, actually. And I would so like to suggest that she spend some time with me going over the finer points of creating PowerPoint slides for display on a projection screen.

10628177_10205321213816242_9104664743408079479_nAnd then there’s Josh. He’s the love of my life and the bane of my existence, often at the exact same time. He’s taking classes at the community college and they run on a different term system than we do which meant that he should have enrolled for spring classes yesterday. But he didn’t figure that out until way late at night. And tonight he’s at school. So he asked me to try to navigate their ridiculous system and find him some classes.

In order to qualify for student loans he has to take 9 credit hours per term. The welding classes (what he’s going to school for) are only 3 hours each AND they fill up super fast. He’s taken goddamn near everything else he needs because we’ve had so much trouble getting him into those.

Tonight I got out the list I made of what he needs so I could start the great hunt. He needs one more English class, no sweat. What he needs is technical writing and it’s offered online, 4.5 credit hours. Done. Then I started looking for the welding stuff. Out of the remaining however many he needs I was able to find two, 3 credit hours each, that weren’t running concurrently. (that’s the other weird thing – those classes have shorter terms so you have to be careful that you don’t double book yourself) But they’re offered in a neighboring community, not the campus Josh usually goes to.

When I told Captain Ungrateful he freaked out on me. “That’s so fucking far away! Why the hell did you do that? There had to be something else I could take!” No, really, nothing else and I know this because I searched for the better part of 45 minutes. For two classes. That I won’t even take.

2014-10-10 19.17.56Call me crazy, but when someone does me a favor that takes a fair bit of time and effort I usually just smile and say thank you.