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There are those who will tell you that god never gives you more than you can handle. Given the current state of things at Chez Mama I am left to make one of two conclusions…

  1. This god fellow thinks I am much more of a badass than I think I am, OR
  2. The bastard has gone on vacation

The household chores, with the exception of dusting, were done as of about 17:30. The kid is here this weekend and Josh got paid so we took a small trip to the bookstore. I really just should not be allowed to go anywhere but the grocery store apparently. I got 2 books and 2 CDs. But I digress.

When we got home Josh finished getting dinner together and we sat down to eat. He got a text message about halfway through, which is not terribly uncommon though frowned upon. (I just think it’s rude.) But he looked at the message, hit the screen so it would stay lit, and slid it over so I could read it – very unusual.

We found bedbugs in [the kid’s] mattress and bedding. You need to wash all of the clothes she has with her in really hot water. Oh, and everything cloth of yours that she’s touched.

Um, say again?

There’s very little love lost between me and this woman. We are friendly enough but I well and truly think she is the epitome of the phrase “fucking idiot.” The kid has bites all over her arms and face, but was told that she’s allergic to Asian Beetles and that’s what had been biting her.

So, she’s been sitting on my bed most of the afternoon and she rode in my jeep – with the cloth seats. Fortunately the bed has been made so I think all I’ll have to do is completely rewash all of the bedding. No clue about the jeep.

I still need to work on my project for school and help Mom with some stuff tomorrow. The good thing is that Josh has to have her over to her mom for another basketball game by 11:45, so they’ll have to leave by 11.

We all have our breaking points and I honestly think I’m hitting mine. This is just too much fucking stress and I’m going to snap.