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1450663_800365983364235_5374548286609837054_nFOR THE LOVE OF CAT, MAKE IT FUCKING STOP!!!

I got to work this morning, precisely on time, and my access card for the parking structure wouldn’t work. I managed to bend it kind of bad awhile ago, but it’s been working just fine. I tried both gates, no luck. So I thought, ya know, if they’ve fired my ass the card won’t work to get into the office suite. I drove around to the small metered lot in front, where were are forbidden to park, and brought my shit in. The bent card worked on the door just fine. But I couldn’t leave my jeep at the meters. The parking nazis start their rounds at 8 and those are hefty tickets.

Long story short, I finally got into the garage at 7:30 because I went and tried again and some nice lady behind me got out of her car and swiped her card so I could get in.

Then I was going to print all of the articles and book chapter shit that I need for the first part of the project that’s due tomorrow and I couldn’t print some of them because the fuckers were password protected. I went back out to the library site and looked everything up again, reopened the files, and picked out the pages I absolutely had to have. I finally got it all typed up, including all 11 of the references I currently have. At that point I went into the online course management server to see if she’d set up a link to turn them in that way – nope – but she did have something for a special grad assignment that I couldn’t find referenced anywhere else. So I sent her an email asking about it because the only sort of reference to a date is that it needs to be done prior to spring break which is mid March. Her reply was to not worry since it hasn’t been assigned yet. Um, yeah, NOT THE FUCKING POINT!!!

Anyway, I did get my first zentangle doodle thingy drawn last night.

2015-01-25 21.05.37It’s not great, but I don’t think it’s too shabby for a first shot. I’m not sure if I’m done adding patterns and pieces but it for sure needs some color. This was what I did last night after I took pills, so there’s two birds. This morning I did the necessary routine for my skin given that I’ve got major activity going on. And, just a few minutes ago I filled out the forms and junk for my student loan stuff. So yay, progress.

As for the title of today’s post – this will likely be TMI, but who cares. I absolutely LOVE feta cheese and I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier lately so I’ve been making myself Greek-inspired salads. So I don’t know for sure that it’s the feta or not, but I’m in my regular office today, the one with the complete lack of ventilation, and I am about to pass out from my own stench.