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Sixty-four ounces of iced coffee is probably too much.

My access card didn’t work again this morning, but today I was armed with the visitor code and the knowledge of which gate to use it on. I have since procured a new card, at no charge, and with a much better picture. Hopefully tomorrow morning it works.

I did get my homework done yesterday (did I already tell you that? can’t recall). This afternoon I think I’ll spend some time trying (TRYING) to work ahead a little.

I’ve managed to go through FB and unfollow several people/pages. It’s helped. I also went through both email accounts and cleaned things up. On a non-digital note, I got pissed at all the printed articles in my office not really being accessible in a useful way and set my file tree back up and put the whole mess in manilla folders.

Today was day two of the Great Hibiclens Cleansing Process. It’s a special high potency antibacterial liquid stuff that I’m supposed to use when my skin is acting up. It’s not really a big deal except that I’m supposed to leave it sit on my skin for 5 minutes which is just a tiny bit tricky while attempting to finish showering. Only five more days of this shit to go. Yay.

Anyone out there a fan of Tuna & Noodle Casserole? If so, I have a modified recipe for Salmon & Noodle Casserole that will knock your fucking socks off.

While looking for a stash of printer paper that evidently doesn’t exist I found the missing black coffee mug. In a file cabinet. And no, I didn’t put it there.

In my effort to relax last night I decided to doodle again.

2015-01-26 20.47.31Not done yet and still just in pencil, but I’m quite liking how this one is coming together. I couldn’t figure out how to finish the first one last night so I thought, what the fuck, I’ll just keep doodling. Totally loving the shit out of this stuff.