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10624708_1003901316303543_2709460040579107355_nI think I mentioned earlier in the week that I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble with sleeping again. I don’t have too much trouble getting to sleep, but I wake up REALLY FUCKING EARLY. Sorry about that, but it happened again this morning. And since Josh goes to class on Thursday nights right now, I don’t get to sleep properly then and so to not fall asleep until close to 23:00 and then wake full up at 3:30 is just rather more than I can deal with right now.

So I got up and started fucking about with my drawings. I realized that since they start on paper and get scanned, they all have white backgrounds. Totally fine for cards and bags and posters and what not, but not so fine for a shirt in any color other than white. Slowly but surely I’m going through and removing the backgrounds from the digital images.

But before I embarked on that exciting journey I took care of one of my goals for the week by paying my bills. I’m being just a tiny bit devious this month. Josh got his student loan disbursement last week which means he’s actually flush right now, so I’m making him pay his own fucking medical bills this time. I paid all of my bills, plus the household bills that I take care of, plus the cat licenses, plus renewed my driver’s license, put $100 into savings, made a $500 payment on the not-car loan and a $250 payment on my one and only credit card, already mentally subtracted the two bills that will be automatically withdrawn later this month, spent my February allowance (pay it forward kids!), and paid Mom. The best part is that if I continue to be responsible with my money like this, I’ll be out of debt (except to Mom and the student loan vampires but including having the Honda paid off!) before the end of the year. That makes me so incredibly fucking happy, you just can’t imagine.

Anyway, I’m hoping that today stays this productive. I’ve got a lot I really want to get done and even more that absolutely must get done. Not having the kid this weekend will help. Oh, an update on that – Josh’s ex says the kid doesn’t have any new bites and the exterminator they called out wasn’t able to find any evidence that they really had an infestation. I’m glad, but I’m also kind of pissed that she scared the hell out of all of us for no damn reason.

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