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I feel like garbage this morning, so if this makes no sense, blame the snot. I’m trying really hard not to throw up my meds.

A while back, December I think, I did an update on my Life Worth Living goals in which I let y’all in on how things were really going. One of the things I had decided was to add in this subset of goals/rules:

  1. Fix things whenever possible instead of replacing – not everything has to be perfect – ugly but functional is just fine
  2. Purging is not done to make room for new/different crap
  3. If something new comes in, something old must leave
  4. I will get a $25 monthly allowance that can be used for anything not deemed essential and/or otherwise already in the budget – can be saved to go towards a larger future purchase
  5. I will look into ways to increase my Redbubble sales
  6. I will look for other easy ways to bring in additional income
  7. I will not buy any new clothes (except underwear as necessary)
  8. I will not buy any new shoes (except one pair of inexpensive flip flops – less than $15)

I must say, not doing so well with this. I got new books last weekend and nothing old left and last night when Josh and I went to Sam’s Club I got a pair of purple capri pants. Both of these also violate the whole idea of having an allowance because I had already spent January’s money as well as February’s. In summation, I suck.

Moving on…

Deborah at Container Chronicles is doing a daily challenge for February that sounds amazing. It’s free-form so you can totally customize it for your own needs. The essence is that you take some larger project or goal and break it down into hour-long pieces that you do one of each of the 28 days of February. On Fridays you post an update and then on the 28th, we celebrate. Head over to her blog for the full details. I definitely want to do this, I just need to decide which project to focus on. Maybe setting up the Cafe Press store once and for all…