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Not only has the university called off all classes for today, but I have been informed that one of my colleagues consulted with the security office and the campus is locked down.

hCCA5D34ENeedless to say, it’s a fucking mess out there. It’s been snowing pretty heavily since sometime in the middle of the night. I’m not sure how many more inches we’ve already gotten but my happy little ass ain’t leaving the house. I haven’t even put on pants to go out and smoke.

10552388_340679709420577_791873650460408261_nWhat I have been doing is working on my 28 day challenge stuff. I probably spent more than an hour this morning, but I had the time and I was in a groove. Things are moving along exceptionally well. There’s just something about breaking a daunting project down into bite-sized chunks that makes it go so much smoother. And I got the flower and dragonfly colored…

2015-02-03 20.56.27Again, they totally do not belong together, but it was an efficient use of paper. So I got that goin’ for me.

I’m planning to use the rest of the day just as productively. There’s a load of laundry to run, the bed to make, general picking up to do, a walk to take on the treadmill, knitting to do, some shit for work to address, a shower to take, and school shit to take care of. Busy day for the Mama, but you know me, I live for this shit.