Um, wow, whadya know… I jumped from day 3 to day 7 and then right on down to day 16. What the fucking hell?

  1. remove backgrounds from designs
  2. finish removing backgrounds
  3. work on CP store setup
  4. CP store setup
  5. CP store setup
  6. finalize setup / progress report
  7. write better descriptions for designs
  8. finish descriptions
  9. upload designs/descriptions
  10. finish uploading
  11. select products (CP)
  12. select products
  13. select products / progress report
  14. finalize details – RB
  15. finalize details – CP
  16. advertize a tiny bit on blog and facebook
  17. start a NEW design
  18. continued
  19. continued
  20. write description / scan / remove background / progress report
  21. upload to both stores
  22. start a NEW design
  23. continued
  24. continued
  25. write description / scan / remove background
  26. upload to both stores
  27. progress report
  28. CELEBRATE!!!

So I guess tomorrow I’ll see about doing a little advertising and then concentrate on cranking out some new designs the rest of the month. Oh, I did add the two new ones that I finished earlier this week, too. This was an even more awesome challenge than I thought it would be!