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Oy, perverts again I see.

As I’m pretty sure y’all know, I’m on a kick to downsize, declutter, and otherwise get rid of shit I don’t need. My new motto is “if I don’t love it enough to use it regularly or have it out where I can appreciate it, I should give it to someone who will.” And I’m getting really fucking good at it.

When you live in a small space that serves multiple purposes you have to be picky about where you put things and which things are allowed to stay. Preference is damn near always given to things that serve dual duty. That’s why I have a laptop instead of a desktop computer and why my printer is also a scanner. But I digress.

I have a nice Sony stereo with a 60 CD carousel. I got it back in the early 00s, I think, and it’s still in excellent condition. The problem was where I had it. The only space I could think of as being appropriate for it when I moved in was on the hearth, kind of near the bed. I had Dad help me rig the speakers up on the mantle. And then I promptly stopped using it.

It sounded like shit with the speakers up that high, it was hard to get into, and I didn’t have a great way to deal with my CDs. In essence, I hated it.

So then I heard the Eejit mention that she had gotten rid of her stereo and was thinking of getting rid of her CDs because she has everything digitally. That got me thinking. I brought it up to Josh to see what he thought and he was less than pleased. His suggestion was that we move the stereo to where we’d see it more often and where it would sound better, then maybe we’d use it more.

On Saturday we went to Target (damn money suck!!!) and got a huge CD travel case, something like 256 disc capacity. We took every damn CD we own out of the case, chucked the case, and put the discs in the travel case, grouped roughly alphabetically. (I pulled out my Celtic and Christmas CDs and put them in a smaller case.) The CDs now all fit into half of a single dresser drawer where they had previously spilled off a small 2 shelf bookcase.

The stereo?

2015-02-15 19.18.59I still have a lot of stuff out and about, but it’s not as bad as it was, and that stereo sounds so much better than the speakers on my laptop. Plus I can listen to music after 8pm when I take my bedtime meds and need to turn the electronics off.

I guess the moral of my little story is this…

If you have something that you haven’t been using but you know is still useful and you’re hesitant to get rid of it, think about whether or not you can move it to a different location and have it be more useful. I’m rather notorious for moving some of my treasured pieces around to make the most of them. But I’ve also gotten to the point where I keep the things I’m not willing to part with but aren’t using to an absolute minimum. I have 2 plastic shoe boxes that contain treasures and one of those are handmade decorative bits my grandmother and I made.