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2015-02-17 13.15.14This is my newest drawing as it looked this afternoon. The outlining is done and all she needs is some color. My intention is to do that shortly. She’s not perfect, but I think she’s beautiful.

I actually started my day feeling pretty decent, except for my legs. I’m very doubtful that I’ll get on the treadmill at all because both of them have cysts that are actively draining and they really rather hurt like hell. Fortunately I picked up two new pair of my special under-pants things this weekend so I’m prepared.

On my drive in to work I heard one of my all time favorite feel good songs…

I do love a little Mercury poisoning first thing in the morning. ❤

Work was good, I got to help Miss K with a consultation, one of my very favorite things to do. We’ll be helping a faculty member with an exciting project in the coming months. And in general it was just a really productive day and that always helps the mood.

Class was an exercise in patience. The assignment we had to turn in today had unclear directions, so we’re not sure if any of us did it right. I know for sure that I completely forgot to do a chunk of it. Fortunately she’s about the progress so she’ll pass our stuff back the following week with comments and such and then if we want to do a revision we can and get full points for it, provided it gets turned in the following week. So I should be just fine. I checked my grades after I got home and, if I’m reading things right, it looks like I’ve only missed ONE point so far. I won’t bitch.

And then, on the commute home, I got to listen to this…

This another of my favs, particularly at the end of a long day. In my humble opinion it’s a toss up as to who played piano better, Warren or Billy Joel. But I digress.

So if anyone saw the post last night about the recipes and wondered, “what does that meatball soup look like anyway?” Well, here ya go.

2015-02-17 17.55.53I made a pot for dinner tonight. Very yummy and I don’t know that food that’s worth eating gets much easier than this. It’s guaranteed to bring out a little of this…

2015-02-17 20.01.09After dinner I started my usual routine of taking care of shit so that the morning will hopefully go a little smoother. In an attempt to do that, I lit this wonderful candle that a certain Bear sent me.

2015-02-17 19.30.53It’s delightful smelling. Then I figured I’d get a sweater out since it’s going to be beyond cold tomorrow. I keep my sweaters in the cedar chest Mom and Dad got me when I turned 16 because it’s the best place I know of for them. Apparently it’s fascinating to Evie.

2015-02-17 18.57.22That’s been my exciting day. Hope y’all had a good day, too!