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Chris Dean of pixie c.d. wrote today about the struggles those of us with borderline personality disorder deal with when it comes to our anger. For many of us, well, for me, that anger can be expressed as rage. Well, more like RAGE. And I’ve never felt that my descriptions of those feelings were accurate or adequate. It truly is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

It’s terrifying. The aftermath is often shameful. It feels like not only have you lost control but that you’ll never EVER get it back.

Borderline is a wicked scary disorder. Until you learn ways to get it under control, it owns you. You are it’s bitch. And you will honestly do damn near anything to get your life back.

And yet…


Anyway, please, go read Chris’s post. I’ll warn you that it’s very brutally honest, but we need that. If we’re going to bust the stigma that surrounds so many mental illnesses we’re going to have to start talking and having frank and honest discussions about what we truly go through.

Most importantly, we need to talk about how we can get some control back and go on to live good lives.