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2015-02-14 13.32.26Oddly enough, the pygmy kittens were not impressed. That was Evie Cat last weekend when we were doing the great stereo relocation project. Since there was nothing at all on the mantle she wanted up there so Josh lifted her up and she was excited. Cats, go figure.

Anyway, I thought I’d give y’all a glimpse of the finished skull since I finished her last night.

2015-02-18 20.46.40I would like to name this piece “Dressed to Kill” and I’d really like to do that in Spanish, but I don’t speak Spanish. And I don’t necessarily trust an internet translation service. Can any of you fine folks help me out with that?

I’m trying to hold true to my whole “love it and use it or get rid of it” thing so while I was looking for some jewelry last night I came across a necklace I picked up at a renaissance faire. It was neat but not at all something I’d actually wear. But I realized that it had the magic P word – potential.

2015-02-19 17.04.18Makes a sweet little key chain, doncha think? I need to go through my jewelry stash again at some point. When I found this gem last night I realized I still have a lot of pieces that I’m hanging onto that I really probably shouldn’t. Most of it is inexpensive costume jewelry that never really was my style, or it’s pieces that I made when I was first learning to make jewelry. At any rate, I need to thin the herd.

Mama’s Tip of the Day:  Your phone will charge a hell of a lot better if the power strip the charger is plugged in to is actually turned on.

rotten ass little charging guy is FIRED!!!

rotten ass little charging guy is FIRED!!!