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2015-02-20 19.50.06Apparently Mom is the new “designated Lego mini-fig procurement agent.” She mentioned yesterday morning that she was going to Target to look for this special yogurt she’s found and really likes, so I asked her to try to pick me up a mini-fig. She was going to the store by my sister’s house so I was hoping they’d have a different (better) selection and that I wouldn’t end up with another duplicate. As you can see, Mom has the magic touch. I also did not at all anticipate THREE of them. She spoils me.

Yesterday at work there was some moving of offices to make room for a new person joining one of the other teams. It didn’t directly impact me, but it did get me in the mood to do a little sprucing up of things in my office. By sprucing up I really mean thinning things out a big. I brought a reasonable amount of crap home and rearranged what was left there and it looks really nice. If you’d never seen my office before you’d never know that it hadn’t always looked that way.

However, that meant I brought home all of that stuff. There was one painting that will for sure go to Goodwill. The framed photos have been incorporated with the ones already on the mantle and I think that looks much improved. A few bits, things that had been Dad’s, went into my treasure box. My concern is that I’d been working so hard to make it less cluttered looking in our living space and now I’m almost back to square one.

I don’t really relish the idea of spending another day going through all of my crap. I have housework and homework and errands to run. But I know me and I know that this will eat at me until it does get done.

The process of transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle is really just that, a process. I didn’t accumulate all of this stuff overnight so it isn’t fair to think I’ll be able to eliminate large chunks of it overnight. And yes, I keep bringing little bits in. But I’m trying to emphasize the “little” part of that.

For those of you who are also trying to pare things down, how’s it going?