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Mom and I spent the better part of yesterday running errands. We did the grocery store/pharmacy, the eye glasses place to order my new Rx sunglasses, the warehouse grocery place, and two different Target stores. Plus I cooked dinner last night. Little tired.

IMG_20150228_175311_734 IMG_20150228_175323_944 IMG_20150228_175341_606Josh was determined to get a picture of Evie “holding hands” with me. It’s this cute little thing she does sometimes when we’re laying down on the bed together. I’ll leave my hand close enough that she can touch me if she wants and so she lays her little paw over top of it. Really quite adorable.

Today has been HOMEWORK. I’m caught up to where I had to be now and actually a little ahead. I’ve set aside the next batch of things to print and read and write about and I have the software I’m going to need installed on my laptop. Hopefully class on Tuesday goes well.

Now I’m off to try to get some reading done for therapy tomorrow. A Mama’s work is just never done.