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We’re now entering the third month of my Year of Simplifying thingy. I must say, I kind of suck at this.

  1. Fix things whenever possible instead of replacing – not everything has to be perfect – ugly but functional is just fine Yes, we do this, a lot.
  2. Purging is not done to make room for new/different crap Do Lego mini-figs count?
  3. If something new comes in, something old must leave I’m trying, honestly I am.
  4. I will get a $25 monthly allowance that can be used for anything not deemed essential and/or otherwise already in the budget – can be saved to go towards a larger future purchase I am SO not doing well with this, though the bills are getting paid, so I guess it’s all good?
  5. I will look into ways to increase my Redbubble sales Hm, like maybe open a Cafe Press store?
  6. I will look for other easy ways to bring in additional income Oh wait…
  7. I will not buy any new clothes (except underwear as necessary) I have bought some new underwear, and a bra, and two t-shirts for work, and a pair of purple capri yoga pants…
  8. I will not buy any new shoes (except one pair of inexpensive flip flops – less than $15) Finally, something I’m doing ok with!

Anyway, I have been doing really well with the whole de-clutter / get rid of shit I don’t use / in general clean crap out part. But seriously, I need a ruling here – do the mini-figs count or what?