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Apparently I only thought I was ahead with my school work. I’m really not. Not at all. Right now I need to:

  • revise my flyer (only a little)
  • finish my e-learning piece (just needs audio recorded and then edited)
  • finish writing my other two content modules (have the materials, just need to put shit together)
  • write the intro and wrap up modules
  • read 7 chapters in the text book
  • write an abstract
  • put together a packet to go with my presentation
  • attend a training & development luncheon and write a summary about it
  • print the final copies of everything that goes into my manual and have that bound

And I’ve really only got a few more weeks to do all of this. So much as I hate to say this, don’t be too surprised if I’m mostly absent for awhile. I’ll pop back in as I’m able to. Miss you all already.