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Holy hell, where did that week go?

  • My training manual for class is currently at 38 pages and I’m nowhere near done. I’m hoping to get more progress made tonight.
  • My e-learning piece that needs to be at least 10 minutes in length turned out at only 3:30 this morning, so I need to figure out how to fluff it up a bit.
  • I’m not really behind in my school work there’s just that fucking much yet to do.
  • I did get a project for work done which was nice.
  • My skin junk is acting up. Again.
  • Evie Cat had to go to the vet for her Senior Check-up and a thyroid test. $180 later and they think she’s fine, depending on how the blood work comes back. Oy.
  • We’ve been home from the vet’s for an hour now and pretty well all she’s done is bathe. On my pillow.
  • I’m hatching a plan to use my Lego mini-figs to create comic strips for a project at work.
  • Josh just dropped something in the shower, two floors up, that sounded rather like a small atomic explosion. My money says it was a full bottle of body wash.
  • The time change happens this weekend and I am Not Pleased. Both the spring and fall changes fuck me up, but the spring is 100x worse. Fuck this shit.
  • Have I introduced you to my fern? He’s a Buttonhole Fern and he needs a name. I decided it was high time I had something green and growing down here and the nice lady at the nursery said this little fella would do just fine, and so far he is.

2015-03-06 17.31.30Anyone have an idea for a name?