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There’s a lot to do right now. No, A LOT. And I’m trying to figure out how to get it all done with the least amount of sleep and/or blood lost in the process. These are all things that will need my attention within the next two months:

  •  The kid’s birthday which will require getting presents and going out for dinner
  • My birthday which will require hiding, lots of hiding
  • Josh’s birthday which will require something as yet unknown
  • Our anniversary
  • I signed up to do my presentation for class on March 31st which will require my entire fucking manual being done
  • I still need to finish said manual, plus an abstract (due next week), plus a synopsis of the luncheon I went to today, plus a self-reflection paper
  • My symposium presentation shit which will require deciding what I’m going to say, putting together my slides, do I need a handout?, etc.
  • I have an informational lunch session scheduled for April 3rd and then a training seminar to deliver on April 17th which require a little minor finessing yet
  • Mom and I are taking a bus trip at the end of April

I think that’s it. That’s more than enough, right?

So I decided to sign up to present on the 31st to force myself to just get this shit done. She gave us back the piece of homework that I was waiting for to make sure I really do know what the fuck I’m doing and it turns out I actually do. Yay! Hopefully tonight I can get cranking on that. I finally figured out which activity from the monster manual I want to do with my classmates, I just need to go get a pack of origami paper.

I have started on the symposium stuff, I just haven’t made it very far. I went through part of my research the other day to start picking out pieces of it that I want to use and I’ve done some serious searching for images to use. My presentations tend to be more pictures than words. And now that I’ve done this class I’d like to incorporate something a little more interesting that just a dry lecture. (not that my lectures are ever really dry, but you know…)

In spite of all of stuff going on my office and living space at home are staying remarkably tidy, which makes me quite happy. Last night I took some time to make a Nanoblock kit. I have fun doing these but sometimes their drawings/instructions absolutely suck. I don’t think his little butt looks very good but neither Josh nor I could figure out what I’d done wrong. He’s adorable, who cares. I did take the time to sort all of the pieces on a square of felt and I found that made the assembly process easier.

2015-03-10 20.37.42