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It was rather a rough day, at least the part preceding my arrival home. (the vinegar reference is because of all the fucking douchenozzles I ran into while trying to leave campus and get home this afternoon) But when I got here Miss Evie Cat was waiting for me and we snuggled and now all is right with my world again.

I finally managed to get the assignment that absolutely has to be turned in tomorrow done and I got my e-learning piece done. Time was getting tight on that because I’m using a trial version of the damn software and my 30 days were nearly up. But it’s done and I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

I am finding myself a wee bit obsessed with plants lately. It started with Fernidad, who is doing quite well in his swanky little Green Man pot. Then I spent some time on Pinterest (oh time suck of time sucks) looking at various gardening/growing fruit in containers/what will grow in a dim basement and/or bathroom kind of shit. I have a philodendron rooting right now up in the sunroom that I haven’t decided if he’ll live in the bathroom or on the window ledge with Fernidad. I have another philodendron rooting in a beautiful vase at my office. And I’m contemplating getting – GASP! – an African Violet.

Don’t ask, it’s probably a sickness.

Anywho, my new co-worker Miss J went to KC this weekend and brought me more Lego mini-figs. I got the archaeologist and then she made me 3 custom ones.

2015-03-16 17.21.47Yeah, apparently “homicide” was the name of the game that day.

And last but certainly not least, a look at my latest completed drawing…

framed flower smallI told you – obsessed.