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I’ve only got a moment kids, but the Eejit got me to thinking last night and I have got to get this out of my brain pan before my head explodes. So, without further ado, welcome to Mama’s FIRST Mid-Month Challenge!

Here’s how I envision things playing out. Towards the middle of the month I’ll give y’all a Theme. You’ll get until the end of the month to create something based on the theme. By something I mean:

  • draw a picture
  • take a photo
  • take lots of phots
  • write a poem
  • write a post
  • compost a dirty limerick
  • sing a song and record it so that we can have a listen
  • make a video blog post
  • have someone video you doing an interpretive dance


Then you post it, use the tag “MMMC” so we can all see your excellent thingy, and link back to this post.

The first theme will be SPRING.