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mental health bannerAnyone with an invisible illness can tell you just how hard it is to tell you what it’s like living with that illness. There are some bits that are maybe easy to relate to, but most of it? Not so much. When you’re dealing with a mental illness that just seems to add another layer of “no way, what?” to the party.

Throw in that no two people will experience the same diagnosis in exactly the same way and you essentially get Klingons trying to speak Midwestern English while the Midwesterners are speaking Ancient Sumerian.

In other words, what the fuck did you just say?

But there do seem to be some areas where we share common ground. For example, most folks who have bipolar have issues with sleep and need a little help making it happen on a regular basis. Describing what a typical night without sleepytime meds is like is the hard part.

All of this fascinating lead-in to say that I came across an article that I think really nicely describes a bipolar experience quite similar to my own. And by “really nicely” I mean this poor woman has apparently suffered through similar bullshit as I have and was able to find words to describe it.

So if you’re lucky enough to not have bipolar and you’d like to know more about it by reading someone’s description of their personal experiences with it, that would be the article to read.