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hCCA5D34EProvided I can finish my manual and the last few assignments, oh and my portfolio, I’ll graduate on May 9th. Yeah, that’s right, I’m done.


I honestly didn’t know if they even do anything at the official commencement ceremony for people getting certificates, but I had no interest in wearing academic regalia again so I just asked that they mail me my pretty piece of paper. Still, I shall be done and done feels mighty nice.

Now, here’s the truly sick part…

I have no fucking clue how long I’ll actually be able to stay away from taking classes. I’m one of those sick bastards who cannot NOT be kept busy, pretty well all the time. But I’m not necessarily interested in another certificate or another degree, at least not now. I’m thinking that random interesting things at the community college are sounding like a mighty fine idea. And taking just one class at a time I should be able to pay the tuition out of pocket. So yay.

Anyway, it’s about time to go find myself a little something creative to do. I am ridiculously behind with my blog reading and such, so I apologize. Hopefully before the start of next week I’ll have found enough time to get myself caught back up.