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Almost done, almost done, almost done…

You’ll be happy to know that my portfolio is just fine. (more likely you don’t give a rat’s ass, but play along) There was a minor technical glitch that the always lovely Wendy sorted out for me. Love her. Now I just need a little time to finish making the last of the edits so I can send it off to my adviser. YAY!

1382183_936719936353139_6357498406690027621_nI’m not entirely sure why but I have well and truly been kicking ass and taking names at work lately. We use Microsoft Outlook as our email client and our team has recently started using the Tasks feature to keep track of the mountains of shit we’re trying to get done. It’s really an electronic to-do list that’s easy to edit, can be assigned to a group of people at once, AND can be shown in with your calendar so you can see when shit is due. It so appeals to my need for order in the universe. So anyway, not sure if it’s because of that or what but I’ve been getting Mass Quantities of shit done.

2014-12-17 15.00.39I can’t remember if I had mentioned to y’all about feeling all claustrophobic down here again or not, but I was. Too much shit, not enough room to work, things like that. I went to my good buddy Pinterest and started looking for ideas.Β  I was inspired by this one…

pt279sefr0zrmjkbb90951acd23d83cc9But I knew my setup didn’t need to be quite that polished. I wanted to do this cheap because I wanted the top to be something I wouldn’t care about potentially destroying with an epic craft project. More space, to work on top and for storage below, were really my prime concerns.

One of the coolest things about working for the university is access to Surplus. Any time a department gets rid of old furniture or office equipment type stuff they call the guy who runs Surplus and he goes and gets it and stashes it. Other departments can check out what’s available and grab it to use in their offices OR individuals can purchase pieces for personal use. The prices are ridiculously reasonable and really don’t even compare to going to a thrift store. Dirt Cheap.

The guy who runs it is super nice and if you let him know that you’re looking for something in particular he’ll keep an eye out and let you know when he finds it. Earlier this week I put a bug in his hear to be on the look-out for a new desk chair for Josh and 2 little file cabinets for me. I wasn’t really ready for any of that to arrive but you never know when someone is going to get rid of something good so I figured it was best to hedge my bets.

Yesterday when I arrived at work there was an extra chair waiting in my office, the one for Josh.

2015-04-10 07.13.40When I went to pay for it I told him what I was going to be doing with the file cabinets. He took me to one of the back rooms and showed me a table top they had that would be perfect. Sold. He said he was pretty sure he had a couple of file cabinets at the warehouse and that if he could get in touch with one of the guys there he could have them on campus later in the day. Perfect.

It all went way faster than I thought it would, and that necessitated tearing a good chunk of the basement apart, but the timing wasn’t terrible, it only took about 3 hours total, and the price… Well, the price was beyond right. This is the finished desk…

2015-04-11 05.22.52I kept the hutch off my old desk to add even more storage. And because the top is so deep there’s room underneath to store a few things without getting in the way of my feet. Anyone care to guess how much I spent on all of that? The chair, table top, and two file cabinets? Anyone? Bueller?


10422249_10153574247255299_1678106261596554244_nNow today I really need to haul ass and get some stuff done. There are errands to run, chores to do, homework to finish, and Josh’s birthday/our anniversary to possibly celebrate. A mama’s work is never done.