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By way of a very small update, I did it. I’ve satisfied all of the requirements for my certificate. Yesterday I got word from my adviser that my portfolio exceeded her expectations and I passed that requirement with “flying colors.” Today I finished my last assignment for class and handed in a whole stack of shit. I told the prof that I was giving her everything I had left for the rest of the semester, she said no you don’t because I haven’t given the last assignment. But she had. It was in this big ass manual thing we had to purchase at the start of the semester. So not only did I know about it but I knew what was required to complete it. And I did.

Now I can concentrate on relaxing in the evenings. Ceiling cat knows I’ll need it. Work is picking up again and I still have to finish my shit for the symposium which is on May 14. Wow, that is exactly a month from today.

Anyway, I’m finding ways to be more productive at work and that’s helping immensely. My boss made mention today about how much I’m getting done and how much she appreciates it, which was super nice to hear. Yes, I will indeed work for compliments.

I’m going to shut off a little earlier than usual tonight so that I can hopefully get a drawing started. YAY!