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It’s a damn good thing I’m done with homework now because work is really rather wearing me out. I’m being UBER productive, which is awesome, but I come home pretty well exhausted. I have been taking time every night to unwind and that’s really helping.

I am also looking for ways to boost my personal productivity. I found out today how to use the Tasks feature in Gmail to keep track of my personal to-do list in an electronic fashion that I can access via the computer or my phone. (probably the iPad, too – I should look into that) A few minutes ago I downloaded an app on my phone so that I can setup alarms and such based on the list, which should be quite handy. And I’ve been scouring Pinterest for productivity ideas as well.

Would anyone be interested in me sharing information like that? I realize that this blog is pretty fucking random anymore, but if this shit is only interesting to me then I won’t take the time to write it up. I’m sort of contemplating doing a regular feature thing where I dispense some sort of recommendations for something, be it a technique or a product or a practice.

Anyway, my brain is trying to go in a few too many directions at once right now and Evie Cat has decided that Mama’s new desk is just part of her jungle gym.