I know I’ve been absent for a few days, sorry. Things have been a bit beyond busy. So today instead of providing a proper update I’m going to take the easier way out and play along with The Indecisive Eejit’s Okay, What If? Challenge. The prompt this week is what if you could change one thing about yourself?

Easier… Oh fuck, what was I thinking???

Most of the things I’d be interested in changing are things that I almost certainly could change, provided I was willing to put forth some legitimate effort, or in a few cases just cough up a little cash.

I’d like to weigh less, mostly for health reasons, but up to this point I’ve not be willing to put forth the effort.

I’d like to not have to wear glasses/contacts anymore and I’m fairly sure that my insurance would cover at least part of lasik surgery, but I get freaked out when people get too close to my eyes.

I am not at all interested in having bigger boobs.

I mostly like my hair.

No tattoos that I regret.

I like my job most of the time. Mostly enough that I’m not even remotely interested in doing something different anywhere else.

I don’t usually mind having the mental illnesses because I mostly know how to manage them at this point.

Some extra patience would be good, but that’s a skill I could be working on if I really wanted to.

It could be cool to be more mathematically inclined, but again, thinking that’s really a skill that could be practiced.

So I guess there you have it, I’m just too lazy to even be bothered to come up with something to change.