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It’s already past lights-out time and I’m well beyond tired, but I wanted to give you a tiny update.

  • It rained the entire 50 mile drive there.
  • I found it just fine thanks to Mapquest.
  • Breakfast sucked.
  • The keynote speaker was cute and charismatic.
  • I hung out with one of my colleagues during the first official session, mostly trying not to throw up on my shoes.
  • The woman presenting in the room before me ran late.
  • She also spilled water on the table where I needed to setup my laptop to connect to the projector.
  • I thought she had fried my laptop because the screen kept going nuts.
  • I gave up on having slides on the screen and just started tap dancing.
  • My moderator got me a tech guy to help while I kept talking.
  • He ended up bringing in two other laptops and another projector before finally getting my slides up successfully.
  • Apparently the slow lady had spilled her water into the cable.
  • I lost about 10 minutes to that.
  • Rocked the motherfucking room anyway.
  • Lunch also sucked.
  • Spent most of the rest of the time I was there chilling with colleagues.
  • Afternoon cheesecake was delightful.
  • Gave a ride home to someone I didn’t know all that well but knew I found enjoyable and some great conversation. I believe I have a new pal.
  • Totally loving the Fitbit. I might be obsessing just a little over how many steps I’m getting in.
  • Tomorrow is weigh-in day.
me, this morning, trying not to freak (and not succeeding)

me, this morning, trying not to freak (and not succeeding) (and no, that is NOT a scarf!)