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I’m probably the only woman ever to have a husband with 4 ass holes. They’re not all assholes, he still only has one of those, but does indeed have 3 extra holes in his ass cheeks that shouldn’t be there. And I find it funny in that sick way that only I could because right now it’s easier to laugh about this than it is to cry about it.

I called this afternoon to get an appointment with a surgeon. I got it all set up, the receptionist was very nice, he was going in on Thursday afternoon. Not an hour later (NOT EVEN A FUCKING HOUR) she called back and said the surgeon refused to see him and was referring him on to a plastic surgeon. Seriously? IT’S HIS FUCKING ASS, NO ONE LOOKS AT THAT!!!

So I called the plastic surgeon’s office and had to go through the whole speech again. This receptionist didn’t think they could help me at all and had to put me on hold while she consulted with someone else. Then she didn’t think she could get him in until the middle of June. Sweetheart, this ain’t some Botox injections we’re talking about here!!! I finally lined up an appointment for next Tuesday.

To say that I am less than pleased with the medical providers involved thus far would be a SERIOUS FUCKING UNDERSTATEMENT, to say the very least. I’m pissed. And I intend to let someone know about it.

In the meantime, here, have a flower…

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