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Apparently y’all are just as noncommittal about what I should do for the June challenge as I am. I guess I’ll just have to make up my mind for myself. Oh the horror!

Part of why I want to embark on this little journey right now is because I really kind of feel like I’ve lost my mojo when it comes to taking charge. I’m a little behind with some rather important tasks at work, I’m kind of half-assing it with the whole getting healthy thing, and I honestly haven’t really been finishing things lately. I find all of this frustrating and I want to do something about it. So I’ve decided.

The theme for my 28 Day Challenge will be finishing the craft projects that I have started. Those projects will include:

  • a knit shrug (almost half done)
  • the black and white vest (probably about 1/3 done)
  • the crocheted vest (not even 1/4 done)
  • small dragon cross stitch (about 1/3 done)

That gives me one week to finish each project. I’m committing a minimum of one hour per day. If I finish a project in less than a week I will almost certainly start on the next. And I might cheat by getting back to the black and white vest before Monday since I had said I wanted to try to finish that for this week’s regular goals. Hey, it’s my party and I will cheat on myself all I want. I plan to post my official plan on Sunday and then start in earnest on Monday. Progress reports, complete with photos, will be made on Sundays. (last time it was Fridays, but this feels more right somehow, so I’m just going with it)

little flower dividerWe had the appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday to discuss options for Josh’s ass. It’s finally starting to heal but now that the swelling from the infection is mostly gone it’s a lot easier to see where it tunneled under the skin from one site to another. It actually changed the contour of his ass. Weird, to say the least.

Anyway, the surgeon said that Josh is definitely a candidate for surgical intervention for this shit. He explained what he’d need to do, that it would be an outpatient procedure, and that Josh would be off work for about a week recovering. Insurance would cover this since it’s medically necessary and not at all cosmetic.

Here’s the crap part; there’s no guarantee that the infection wouldn’t come back in another location and then that could potentially require surgery as well.

So next week we’re going to see my dermatologist to see what she can offer. We’re already doing all of the preventative things at home that are possible, the surgeon confirmed that yesterday. The dermatologist had mentioned antibiotic therapy as a possibility and Josh is probably more of a candidate for that than I am given that I’m allergic to damn near all antibiotics. There’s also some kind of blue light thing that she’s mentioned before, but I can’t remember if that’s only really effective during flare ups.

At this point we really don’t have quite enough information to make a decision, hopefully the visit with the dermatologist will give us that. I know that I don’t want to see him have to go through this again if we can possibly avoid it. Beyond that, I don’t know much of anything.