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This episode touches on a subject that is very near and dear to Mama’s heart…


Part of what makes the human race so much fun is all the diversity we have. There are different shades of skin, eyes, and hair. Some of us are tall and some are short. Some are smart and some are, well, just not so smart. Some of us sit down to pee and some stand up so they can make as big a fucking mess as possible of a freshly cleaned bathroom.

But diversity is a beautiful thing. If we were all 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighed 256 pounds, had curly brown hair, and preferred to pee while sitting but wipe while standing, well that would just be boring. Not that any of us know anyone that matches that description.

My philosophy has always been “live and let live.” Don’t go thinking you can violate someone’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness unless you want to find your ass on the receiving end of my size 11 boot. Don’t hurt animals or little kids or anyone else and don’t be a fucking asshat and we’ll get along just fine.

And honestly, it’s none of anyone’s fucking business who does what behind closed doors, be they bedroom doors or bathroom doors. Provided there is no abuse going on, keep your damn big nose out of business that ain’t your own. Who in the ever loving hell are you to judge if someone who has “outside” plumbing wants to be called Maryann and wear dresses?

The same applies to any difference, ANY. There is nothing inherently right or wrong about the choices people make regarding their identity and expression thereof provided they aren’t doing harm to another being. Now I dare you, DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU, to justify to me how someone with

  • tattoos / piercings
  • a mental illness
  • a preference to cross-dress
  • a gender identity conflict / going through gender reassignment
  • a self-identity of gender neutrality
  • homosexuality (certainly not a choice but often a difference that many are persecuted because of)
  • anything else that makes them different than you

is something bad. Seriously, go ahead.

Seeing as you really can’t, I’m just going to invite anyone who still insists on hating and judging like that to go fuck in the general direction of off.